What is Alfred?

Alfred is a meal tracking service that helps do the work of tracking your food for you. Simply send a photo or text of your meal, and we will calculate the energy in it for you. He then remembers what foods you like to help you eat better and save time. No searching huge databases, weighing food, or counting macros.


As work and kids engulf more of our lives, finding the energy to do things we enjoy is becoming increasingly tough, let alone focus on our health. 

We believe that our health and energy are tightly linked, and that food massively impacts on how we think and feel. Our mission is to Empower people with the energy to do what they love, by making is easy for anyone to eat a bit better.


Finding Balance 

Finding balance with food is hard, and while weight-loss can be as simple as “energy in vs energy out”, knowing if you’re achieving that in a sustainable way is tough.  Alfred will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat. Instead, he’ll help you to figure out what works best for you. No restrictive diets or crazy workouts. 


Alfred was created by a team made up of software engineers, human nutrition students, a product manager, and a former professional Rugby player including Abinash Khanal, Arjun Dangal, Dileep Chaudhary, Erin Scott, Sam English, Duncan Buchanan, Ben Alexander and Dominic Millar (aka “The Dungeon Bard“).

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