My story

Hi, my name is Ben and I struggle to control myself around food.

 For most of my life, I had to battle hard to manage my weight even though I’m really active.

Whenever I’d put weight on, I would either try to “exercise it off” or starve myself by going a fad diet to lose the weight quickly.

Then after making some quick progress, I’d start eating without thinking and put all the weight back on, and this cycle would repeat itself over and over again. 

But once I stumbled across “tracking my eating habits”, I’ve been able to find balance with food, which not only helped me to lose weight, but keep it off and I’ve now got more energy than ever before.

All without giving up the foods I love. 

But when I recommend tracking to my friends and family, they all found the current tools either too complicated or time consuming to use regularly.

So that led me to build Alfred.

A simple energy tracking app where he can do all the work for you!


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