Counting calories works, but it's too hard.

Alfred makes it easy.

How Alfred Works

  • 1 Tell Alfred what you ate

    Send a photo or a text of your entire meal - no need to send separate or weigh each item

  • 2 Alfred does the work

    He'll look up nutritional information and calculate the calories for you

  • 3 Get your results

    See how much fuel you’ve put in the tank, and make an informed decision for your next meal

Why Choose Alfred?

Eat what you want
Simplifies weight loss
Keep weight off for good

Meet Ben

Despite being an active kid, Ben always struggled with his weight.

When he became a professional Rugby player for the Brumbies and the Wallabies, he needed to get his weight under control, so he could get out of “Fat Club” and perform at his best.

Then one day Ben discovered Food Tracking, which showed him how much energy he was eating, and how much he needed each day.

Tracking helped Ben get out of Fat Club, and lose 20kgs in retirement, which gave him more energy for his work and his family.

He also realised that losing weight wasn’t about starving himself, and he could in fact eat the foods he loved, and still get results.

But the tool he used didn’t work for his friends and family, because they found it too complicated to use regularly.

So Ben built Alfred – A meal tracking service that simplifies weight loss, so anyone can improve their health and live a longer and happier life.

People Love Alfred


Alfred has changed my life!
My whole life I have struggled with weight management. I’ve always been the 'biggest fella’. A few good weeks followed by binge eating and weight gain. Alfred has been a game changer. Easy to use and I love the fact I can snap a meal and have an estimate calculated for me - simple! I can now eat the foods I’ve always loved, whilst ensuring I have all the energy to keep up with 2 young kids. Alfred is best in business. I’ve lost weight, have more energy & feel great 👍


Simple and effective
Following my sporting career and now with a busy job and kids it’s very easy for the kilos to creep on. Most of the time I’m blissfully unaware of my calorie intake. This app makes it easy to stay on target with your eating, exercise and weight loss. Have recommended to mates and family members.


Best tracking app in iStore
I’ve tried many food and exercise tracking apps. This is by far the best I’ve used because it’s a lot simpler and very accurate. The fact you don’t need to type in each of the ingredients for each meal, that you just need to take a photo of your food…just makes it far more convenient. Because of its convenience my compliance is far greater. I’m sleeping better, have more energy, and getting a safe body mass change.

Elite Sports Coach

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