About Us

Why we built Alfred

After Ben’s struggled with his eating, he discovered an opportunity to solve food tracking for the average Joe. So he set out to build Alfred, and formed the team to do it. Consisting of technology, engineering, product, nutrition, and business acumen, our team is aligned on a common goal of using technology to help people around the planet to eat better, without being obsessive.

Our Mission

Make eating better easy, to empower people with the energy to do what they love.

The Team

Ben Alexander

Co-Founder & CEO. Former professional Rugby player for the Brumbies and Wallabies. Co-Owner of The Dock

Dom Millar

Co-Founder & CTO. Development Manager at Karbon. Ex-Group Technical Lead at Xero.

Nash Khanal

Co-Founder & Tech Lead. Senior Developer at WebTec Solutions.

Duncan Buchanan

Co-Founder & Head of Product and Strategy. Product Manager at Amazon & Xero


Nenad Naumovski (PhD, MAIFST)

Associate Professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition

Dean Benton

National Head of Athletic Performance at Rugby Australia

Dr Miles Jakeman AM

Co-Founder of Citadel Group. Non-Executive Chairman at Get Busy.

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